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Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fence
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Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fence Options


Whether you're a contractor, dealer or home-owner looking for an aluminum horizontal slat fence, we can supply you!

With our home base in Ontario, Canada, we supply our aluminum horizontal slat fencing to consumers all over North America. Our aluminum fences will keep their shine for dozens of years; with a maintenance-free guarantee!

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What are the perks of Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fencing?


Say peace-out to maintenance! Our aluminum horizontal slat fences do not rust, and do not require painting or staining. This is a large benefit other fencing options cannot offer.


Our aluminum horizontal slat fences are very secure. With a 1" width, we provide the strongest and most durable aluminum slats available on the market. Keep your property safe with our materials.

Customizable Privacy

If privacy is your main concern, the slats can be built with no spacing to ensure full privacy. Otherwise, we can offer 1/4" , 1/2" , 1" or larger spacing between each aluminum slat.

Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fence: Benefits and Comparison

Nowadays, many modern homes are using aluminum slat fences. There are several reasons why it has caught on. For starters, it has attractive visual features, and yet, it’s minimalistic in design. It’s no wonder many homeowners are opting for this horizontal fence option.

While slat fencing appears unique and simple, it has excellent appeal. In addition, it’s pretty innovative, especially the aluminum design. This horizontal slat material is practical and easy to install.

If you’re looking for a contemporary, reliable horizontal fence that can upscale your home, an aluminum slat fence might be worth considering. Here, we explain its benefits and how it compares to other popular fencing materials, such as iron and wood.

What Is the Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fence?

It’s an enclosure that uses horizontal boards with a supporting frame. This frame can leave space between boards to provide visibility through it.

However, how much visibility depends on the property owner’s decision. People can place the horizontal boards with equal space amongst each other or in a unique pattern.

A horizontal slat fence design is standard in boundary walls. You can use it to give your patio or garden a slightly open feeling. In fact, it’s perfect for those who desire a modern fence. They’re less imposing than solid panels, making them feel grander.

Even more, those who want privacy can opt for a double slat fence panel. This option can significantly obscure visibility because double slats leave little space between them. However, it still allows air and light to pass through mostly unobstructed.

Why Choose Aluminum over Other Slat Fencing Materials?

Aluminum is a versatile material. For most horizontal slat fence projects, it tends to be the superior choice. After all, it’s a durable material with a significant amount of customization options. Still, let’s see each of its benefits in detail and compare it to other materials whenever it’s applicable.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Wood is the typical material for a fence, gate, or screen. When you or the manufacturer installs it correctly, it gives off an elegant and classic feeling. At first, that is. As time passes, the wood starts to show its detriments. However, how quickly this happens depends on the weather.

Wood dries and shrinks in the heat. It can also bend and warp if it absorbs water. Sure, sealers, paints, and seals might protect the horizontal slat wood fence for a while, but it’s only a matter of time.

Now, iron is quite durable, nearly the same as an aluminum horizontal fence. Aluminum and iron can be powder-coated to prevent rust. However, between the two, aluminum holds up longer, if not a lifetime. It doesn’t require any repainting and resealing. Just the occasional wipe-over or rinse should be more than enough.

It can even withstand harsh coastal environments that experience a continuous salty breeze. As it’s lightweight, it’s also incredibly convenient to work with it and easy to install.

Many Design Options

With aluminum, you can freely choose the color of the horizontal fence. Moreover, you can customize the spacing and width of these panels. The end product is an alluring and functional screen. You can easily match the color of your modern home thanks to the vast options available.

Wood can have an excellent finish, but it isn’t something that lasts too long. Regardless of what you do, the material deteriorates. Moreover, aluminum can replicate a wood finish easily. On the other hand, iron does have good fence design options as well, although not as many.

Privacy and Security

There aren’t many differences between materials when it comes to privacy. A horizontal slat fence continually blocks some view, allowing you to create a more private space. You can go about your business on your property and not worry about people looking inside.

However, one thing you can change is the spacing between the horizontal fence slats. This way, you can determine how much privacy you want, and in turn, the look you’re after.

For example, using broad flat panels lets you create a robust fence that significantly obstructs the view. Meanwhile, if you set narrow slats wide apart, you can experience a more open and light feeling.


It’s hard to get an exact price on aluminum horizontal slat fencing without an on-site inspection. However, several businesses offer approximate measures and quotes through their online sites. Nonetheless, with this material, you’re getting the best value for your money.

Of course, the up-front cost is higher than wood, but you’re getting it back in savings. As previously mentioned, aluminum doesn’t require much maintenance, if any at all.

Most things that raise the cost of aluminum fencing are those that increase the labor and materials required. Here are some examples:

  • Rocky or soft soil
  • Difficult access to the project site
  • Requires foundations
  • Site is sloping
  • Requires removal of an old fence

These tend to raise the cost of any installation, regardless of material. Try to get quotes from multiple fencing companies and see which one offers the best deals before you decide to purchase.

The Bottom Line

An aluminum horizontal slat fence suits almost every type of outdoor project, including garden fencing, rails, pool fencing, and bin enclosures. Moreover, it has a high color range, making it perfect for any property, whether it’s modern or traditional.

It’s a superb material that’s incredibly durable and low-maintenance. While it does have a higher up-front cost, you can save a considerable amount in the future.

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